Sudahlah sudah..................haha...Jom stdy la...biar la sikit pon..asalkn bc..dari KOSONG...tak kira lah ape least usaha...betul x?...

83. Dan apabila datang kepada mereka sesuatu berita mengenai keamanan atau kecemasan, mereka terus menghebahkannya; padahal kalau mereka kembalikan sahaja hal itu kepada Rasulullah dan kepada - "Ulil-Amri" (orang-orang Yang berkuasa) di antara mereka, tentulah hal itu dapat diketahui oleh orang-orang Yang layak mengambil keputusan mengenainya di antara mereka; dan jika tidaklah kerana limpah kurnia Allah dan belas kasihanNya kepada kamu, tentulah kamu (terbabas) menurut Syaitan kecuali sedikit sahaja (iaitu orang-orang Yang teguh imannya dan Luas ilmunya di antara kamu).


I dont want to put any comment neither on 'social network' nor 'ym stats' nor ' any place.
I want to suggest something but i can't. BUT if i am really know that i'm in the right path...and i'm sure bout it...i try to solve something rather than keep writing anything that never solve the thing. no one will understand my,your,our,their situation.

It is better to come together, sharing how to solve problem, maybe just create a committee; leader by new type of person who are not related with any kind of relation with Univ.and can manage and work with us or maybe do something right. Maybe someone who is 'higher' can make petition or maybe etc.

If you want to do something,make it right. If not, it will cause more trouble.

I know, it is totally wrong to write like this.
NO offence.
maybe someone will against me.
It is about decision-making.
Remember, i;m not responsible for your action. at ur own risk



all of my suggestion take many days since a lot of our friends of 5th year student stranded in Jeddah. They cannot study in there. The place is too crowded. If the University give us 2-3 weeks more, i don't think it is good call.
..I'm so sorry if these thing make you sick or dizziness :) because we need the exact and fixed decision for this time being. This decision make the Malaysian Government still trust in us and education in Egypt.
Hurm, that is some citation from my email to university administration.....

Does it sound like we are still not consider everything?.....i dun knoe...everyone know rite the egyptiOn culture. The discussion is not take 1-3 days. It is better to do it now. It always take weeks or maybe months.......semua org pena cari rumah kan : )...

THis is personal comment......
Tapi harus ingat yaa...تأتي الرياح بما لا تشتهي السفن Winds do not blow as the ships wish. atau mknenye You can't always get what you want. Pray for the Best.....and Lets Allah guide us to the right way.

Tut tutttt.....tut tutttt ...tut tutttttt....( dlm hati..447 a.m - malaysia time equal to 1147 pm egypt time ]..tut tutttt.....Alhamdulillah. He answered.

Me: Assalamualaikum. may i Speak to Mr vice dean, prof ahmed osmen?

Prof: Yes..that's me.

Me: I;m really sorry to disturb you.

Prof: What?...

Me: I'm sorry to disturb u.I;m calling from malaysia.. Sorry. I'm one of the student rep. for 5th year. I just want to discuss wif u about the examination.

- trus explain tnpe tggu aku ckp..huk3-

Prof: Don't worry about ur exam. I;m on your side. Dont worry2. We will postpone your exam 2-3 weeks after egypt is settled down. I think after 4-5days it will be settled down.

Me: Ok. prof..For ur info. malaysian student will be evacuated from egypt to the nearest country - jeddah-. From there they will be lost contact wif me. May be they can;t get access to the net and phone.

Prof: the net in egypt is ok.

Me: Oooo....but they will be evacuated to the jeddah.maybe from there,they can;t get access to the net and phone..they may lost contact wif me.The govt. only allowed them to bring few things...i dont think they can bring a lot of book...

Prof: ooo...yes2

Me: My friendss keep pushing and asking me about the exam, can we just exam in march. I think it is more convenient.

Prof:Dont worry2. We will consider everything. You may have some revision before exam. after everything is settled down, we will arrange the schedule. we are on ur side. Dont worry.

Me: the conclusion, the exam will be postponed to 2-3weeks after egypt settled down?

Prof: so you are worried...yes2..that's my word. Are u assured now ( smbl gelak2 )?

Me: Yes2 i;m really worry bout the exam. how can i tell my friend?

Prof: Dont worry son~.just tell them, the exam will be postponed 2-3weeks after egypt settled down. I just want you all to be safe first. Ok?

Me: Yes2 ok Prof. I;m really appreciate. Thanx a lot..syukran2....Assalamualaikum

Prof: Alaikummussalam.........

- summary from conversation. maybe ada mnde2 xpntg yg tertinggal...

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