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1) Most common causes of occipitoposterior?

2) What are the fates ( mechanism ) of O.P

3) What are allowed long anterior rotation ( good omen )?

4) Main lines diagnosis of O.P?

5) What are the main lines management of O.P?


1) Define preterm labor and post term pregnancy?

2) What are the risk factor and etiology of preterm labor?

3) How to diagnose preterm labor?

4) Clinical picture of preterm baby?

5) Lines management of preterm?

6) Definition post-term labor?

7) Fetal complication of post-term labor?

8) Diagnosis and management of post-term?


1) What are indication of labor?

2) Contraindication of labor?

3) Effect of success of induction of labor?

4) Method of induction?

p//s: tgh kumpol nnt siap baru post kat alexmed.

PPt induction labor

Saje2 nk kongsi.

Antenatal care is a preventive obstetric health care program aimed at optimizing maternalfetal
outcome through regular monitoring of pregnancy. Antenatal care will help ensure:
Best possible health status for mother and fetus

  • Early detection and timely referral of high-risk pregnancy,
  • Education of the mother about:
  • Physiology of pregnancy
  • Nutrition
  • Alarming signs and symptoms
  • Infant care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Child spacing

Schedule of Antenatal Care Visits
Antenatal visits-area time-when women are particularly receptive to messages about
pregnancy. Antenatal care can detect anemia, hypertensive disease, infections and oth
existing conditions and diseases that lead to high-risk pregnancy.
  • Antenatal visits should take place:
  • To 28th weeks gestation every 4 weeks
  • 28th-36th weeks every 2 weeks
  • Thereafter every week
  • In a normal pregnancy, with no complications, a minimum of three antenatal visits is
  • acceptable in the first 20 weeks.


Lame btul x mengarang kat sine. Btw, bak org kate makin byk kite share kt dunia internet makin kurang kecerdikan kite..btul ke?? Ada benarnye sbb sume org akan tau pasal kite. Ada skali tu ada jgk org share berat ngn tinggi dorang even nombor paspot pon..hohooh…danJer weh..jgn main2 share suke hati je.

Bila ckp pasal keje, sume org ada keje. Tp kene igt keje ni ada dua jenis; keje ‘sunat’ atau kerja ‘wajib’. Haa jgn nk salah paham n samakan sunat wajib dalam ibadat pulak..ni nk kasi org lebey paham. Kerja ‘wajib’ kite kat sini apedia? Mstilah dtg kelas belajar medic & hal2 medic Univ. kan…kalu kerja wajib ( xde ‘ ‘ ) tu mcm biase la solat sume2 tu…kene paham btul2 ni..takut salah paham pasni. Kerja ‘sunat’ pulak mcm ape? Mcm aktivit koku la..aktivit luar korikulum kite..mknenye xde dlm silibus ..dan ianya jd pilihan kt sape2 selagi mane tak ggu keje ‘wajib’.

Bila masa keja ‘sunat’ ni mengatasi keje ‘wajib’, huru hara pun jd. Yg mane patut didahulukan dia g letak blakang, yang blakang g letak depan. Patutnye bile mengeja kene tulis A..tpi g tulis Z dlu. Breech Presentation namenye kalu xbreech pun abnormal Presentation paling dahsyat deep tranverse xpon persistent O.P, undeliverable! ( nonsense ). SO bile kite ni da busy keje ‘sunat’, keje ‘wajib’ bkn kite xpayah buat. Andai kata kite diberi tugas tuk keje ‘wajib’ terima la kerana itu kerja ‘wajib’ kita. Paham ke? Bukanlah satu alasan bila keje ‘sunat’ penyebab xleh bt keje ‘wajib’.

Urm, pak kiyai…kalu kite xsolat 5 waktu tp kite bt solat dhuha , solat tahajjud, xpe ke? [ soalan ni xde kaitan ngn kate2 kat atas ]


Sometimes we need someone who really understand the nature we are, so that we are not losing our sense….common sense. [ ??? Sbb kite akan trime nasihat all da time ]

- No Offence :D -


Karem: Mumkin takallim arabi?

Malizie: La’a. Musy mumkin.

Karem: Urmm, feyn mat3am sbicy?

Malizie: ….ana musy fahim hagah kholis…Ma3alaisy. Buss, fi had uddam syuwaiiyah. EnsyaAllah huma mumkin takallim arabi ma3ak.


Hurm..lebey kurang rupenye..Ptt la ada arab geleng kepale.haha.


Video ini telah re-editkn dari versi asal yang ditayangkan mase farewell party.

- Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin.
- Heart..

October 20, 2010 — Chest compressions should be the first step in addressing cardiac arrest. Therefore, the American Heart Association (AHA) now recommends that the A-B-Cs (Airway-Breathing-Compressions) of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) be changed to C-A-B (Compressions-Airway-Breathing).

The changes were documented in the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care, published in the November 2 supplemental issue of Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association, and represent an update to previous guidelines issued in 2005.

"The 2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC [Emergency Cardiovascular Care] are based on the most current and comprehensive review of resuscitation literature ever published," note the authors in the executive summary. The new research includes information from "356 resuscitation experts from 29 countries who reviewed, analyzed, evaluated, debated, and discussed research and hypotheses through in-person meetings, teleconferences, and online sessions ('webinars') during the 36-month period before the 2010 Consensus Conference."

According to the AHA, chest compressions should be started immediately on anyone who is unresponsive and is not breathing normally. Oxygen will be present in the lungs and bloodstream within the first few minutes, so initiating chest compressions first will facilitate distribution of that oxygen into the brain and heart sooner. Previously, starting with "A" (airway) rather than "C" (compressions) caused significant delays of approximately 30 seconds.

"For more than 40 years, CPR training has emphasized the ABCs of CPR, which instructed people to open a victim's airway by tilting their head back, pinching the nose and breathing into the victim's mouth, and only then giving chest compressions," noted Michael R. Sayre, MD, coauthor and chairman of the AHA's Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee, in an AHA written release. "This approach was causing significant delays in starting chest compressions, which are essential for keeping oxygen-rich blood circulating through the body," he added.

The new guidelines also recommend that during CPR, rescuers increase the speed of chest compressions to a rate of at least 100 times a minute. In addition, compressions should be made more deeply into the chest, to a depth of at least 2 inches in adults and children and 1.5 inches in infants.

Persons performing CPR should also avoid leaning on the chest so that it can return to its starting position, and compression should be continued as long as possible without the use of excessive ventilation.

9-1-1 centers are now directed to deliver instructions assertively so that chest compressions can be started when cardiac arrest is suspected.

The new guidelines also recommend more strongly that dispatchers instruct untrained lay rescuers to provide Hands-Only CPR (chest compression only) for adults who are unresponsive, with no breathing or no normal breathing.

Other Key Recommendations

Other key recommendations for healthcare professionals performing CPR include the following:

  • Effective teamwork techniques should be learned and practiced regularly.
  • Quantitative waveform capnography, used to measure carbon dioxide output, should be used to confirm intubation and monitor CPR quality.
  • Therapeutic hypothermia should be part of an overall interdisciplinary system of care after resuscitation from cardiac arrest.
  • Atropine is no longer recommended for routine use in managing and treating pulseless electrical activity or asystole.

Pediatric advanced life support guidelines emphasize organizing care around 2-minute periods of continuous CPR. The new guidelines also discuss resuscitation of infants and children with various congenital heart diseases and pulmonary hypertension.

The authors of the guidelines have disclosed no relevant financial relationships.

Circulation. 2010;122[suppl 3]:S640-S656.

SourcE: http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/730866



4 hari berlalu...hari ni la plg ok skit....

[ fes time..biase la ]

Link utk revise blaja suture:
1) Simple interrupted suture.
2) Continuous interlocking suturing
3) Horizontal Mattress Suturing
4) Vertical Mattress Suturing

useful link:

[ nampak sng.haha..aku je kot yg susah. ]

Mangsa keadaan:

Errr.....kene bt byk2 lagi...esk2 plak:
[ Cobaan utk bt continous interlocking..urgh..mcm ape tah...haih ]

- kene byk practice lg...hurm~

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

"you can't get always what you want "

Kali ini bukan lagi isu elektif.Harap Maklum.

- Vote utk spesel yahoo gp utk 5th year da nk expired..Well, for our own sake in the next few years ..better bt yahoo gp tu. tp tu cite mase depan...line tgh panas skg..cool down la dlu...
- Urm, xtau nk ckp ape. Btul jgk cara obat bt. Tp........sign in sign out sign in sign out.......ok la dari lame tggu. Well, thanx a lot utk obat kerana memandang masalah email ni dgn serious.
- ... speechless...situasi skng win-win...."you can't get always what you want " ...
- .....speechless jgk....bole ke tulis kat sini pasal obat?....atau nk kene encrypt dlu..dush!-

"You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
You can't always get what you want
But if you try sometime you'll find
You get what you need
You get what you need "

- of cos sy suka gune id sy lagi..... : ) .
- demokrasi berparlimen...don worry~.
- kpd kwn2 Lect B, about email kat alexmedteam...be alert...email dari aku maybe name:
Mohd Zakwan atau Unit penerbitan dan Penerangan


Paediatric dah tamat, eLektif pulak. Setiap tahun ada yang dpt elektif yang fes choice ada yang dpt last choice. Its depend on REZEKI okeh...well, ada org bajet subjek name dia gah, mesti bes. tp kdg2 indah khabar dari rupe. Xsemeestinya nama gah, course dia bes. :D .

Ada di kalangan kita tahun lepas dapat course yg membosankan, mungkin tahun ni mereka dapat course plg menarik dan sebaliknya....ada yang tahun lepas course dia dpt menarik giler giler kaw kaw...phtu tahun ni hohohooo....bosan....ada jgk dua dua tahun dia dpt course yg bosan....tu lagi dasyat...tapi pape pon...ada hikmah disebalik kejadian ..kan?....

- Alexmed ada perubahan skit. Tapi still...ada skit2 la lompang2. Tapi,jgn jd mcm tukul dan pahat pulak..skali ketuk skali jadi...
- Harap2 idea yang dikhabarkan kt aku baru2 ni, still jalan lah....still xsokong idea sr kene approve jgk.. = )


Temper tantrum:

-It ranges from whining and crying to screaming,kicking,hitting and breath holding. They are equally common in boys and girls and usually occur between the ages of 1-3years.

-Causes of tantrums:

  • The child is seeking attention or is tired,hungry or uncomfortable.
-Treatment: IGNOriNg Them.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Katenye nenek aku, pengalaman mematangkan kita.. O ye ke?....maybe...urm well, arap2 hari ni last utk aku uruskan pasal elektif. Macam2 dugaaan ada. Dalam hal ni ada org yg bernasib baik, ada yang tak.Bile letak 4 choices.mknenye 25% akan kene. 75% xkene...btul ke nih..ahha pening da aku.

23/10: tarikh keramat..byk dugaan ari ni...rase mcm nk putus je wayar..haha..seb bek la kepala ni bukan CPU...kalu x..kene g tukar da mohterboard...kekekeke..


- aku tegas? O ye ke...ada mase kite kene tegas...ada kite kene belembot...
- kroni?? uish...hahaha...mcm ahli politikus pulak...kroni2 ...kan..nk amek projek bilion...keh3..kreatif btul. :D . [ no offence ]
- Makan mase btullah nk approve kan...ape kate??? Yahoo Gp utk 5th year?? undi kt widget sebelah :D...


Surah Al-Imran : 54

" Kita merancang, Allah juga ada perancangan. Sesungguhnya Perancangan DIA lebih baik "

- Selalu ustaz2 duk bercerita pasal tu.....

1) . Semalam fes time aku marah arab btol2 ( BP ada kot cecah 200/100.keke ). Aku mmg respect kt arab. Layan mereka mcm la bangse kite sndiri...tpi pemikiran mereka jauh berbeza dengan kita...kekeke..so aku xmampu lagi nk respect mereka....huhuhuhu...

2) Memang...dalam hidup ni mmg kita nk berlaku adil untuk semua org..tapi percayalah, ckp mmg senang.tp bile buat mmg susah. Kita xkan dpt 100% puaskan ati sume org. i'm sory ma frenssss..inilah hakikat dia./

3) Kawan2 ada bg nasihat kat aku, thnx byk2...kdg2 bila kite jd pemimpin, kite tak boleh byk consider sgt org yg kite pimpin..( btul ke? )....hehe maybe la...bila byk consider, jd byk masalah..kalu compare dgn xconsider......susah jgk tu.kdg2 btul jgk dia ckp. thnx byk2.

4) ...........btul org kate...slagi xrase,jgn ckp......aku sblm jd sr mmg ske komen..nk tu nk ni.....phtu bt cmni cmni cmni..cmtu..nk yg mcm tu..kalu boleh gini..gitu....gini gini ( yeke..ke bt2 cite je nie :D ..imiginasi)......haha....tapi..bila jd sr...baru tau...ckp mmg sng...bile bt baru rase perit dia..SO,kalu ada kawan2 kite mcm perangai aku dlu...aku alu2kan jd sr..ganti aku trus xpe..kekeke..kite bg rase skit sorang. [ ni xde kaitan yg masih idup atau yg telah meninggal ]

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

[ Kalau ada keje lain, baik xpyh baca entry ni :) ]

Sesungguhnya hidup ini adalah satu perkongsian. Belajarlah untuk berkongsi serta memahami hati dan perasaaan orang lain. Dalam hidup seharian kita,kadang-kala kita memikirkan sesuatu benda itu remeh dan kita selalu memikirkan ianya temeh bagi orang lain. Remeh-temeh inilah yang akhirnya membawa sesuatu masalah besar.... = )

Kita selalu anggap benda itu kecil, dan senang saje nk diuruskan. Igtlah, sekecil-kecil jarum..kalu tecucuk sakit jugak. Janganlah jadi mcm enau dalam belukar, nk lepaskan pucuk masing-masing tanpa mengira mereka yang masih ramai dibawah. Dalam hidup ni, tak semua yang kita nak kita dapat. Ada kalanya kita tak dapat. Tak kiralah kita ni anak dato' keee, anak peguam ke, anak dokter ke, anak petani kee anak sape-sape keee....semua orang same. Kalau ada rezeki dapat lah apa yang patut.

Kita selalu memikirkan perasaan kita, tanpa memikirkan betapa susah dan serabutnye orang lain nk menyelesaikan seribu satu masalah yang masih banyak di depan.

Igtlah SUSAH NAK PUASKAN HATI SEMUA ORANG. Masing-masing ada kepala...lebih baik kita senangkan kerja orang lain yang nk control >100 dr menambahkan kerja dia kerana 1 org..........janganlah kacau sistem yang dibuat. semua org expect utk ADIL kan....

- entry ni agak panas kot...tp sorry to say la...need to be stret 4ward punye lah..masing2 da besar. //
- NO Offence....okeh.ENTRY NI BUKAN NAK SAKITKAN HATI SAPE2...ni adalah satu perkongsian sahaja....okeh.
- Aku xmntk nk jd SR...tp da org sokong aku..terimalah cara aku...terus terang....aku suke cara dictator...aku susah nk kesian...aku rase..maybe..last time aku kesian...
- Thnx guys for still supporting me...kalu ada nk bt UNDI TIDAK 'PERCAYA' kat aku...boleh..no hal..kekeke kite bg org yg lebey byk BeLas KasiHan~.....aku xmampu nk kesian kt sume org.
- next time..aku xkeysah ape nk jd....reason mcm sopan [ erk ada aku keysah ke? xefek aku pon kot :)]..tp aku dgr sakit ati..siyesli..haha...janji keje aku beres.. = ). .mntk maap awal2.

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